We are impact-first investors

How We Invest

Maximizing impact is at the forefront of our screening, our decision-making, and our work with companies

We are hands-on partners to founders in building businesses, constructing teams, engaging with communities, developing customers, and more – with an unwavering commitment to climate impact alongside diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Investment criteria

scientist collecting sediment core


We only consider solutions with the potential to reduce emissions at gigaton CO2-e scale by 2050. (This evaluation is conducted independently by our non-profit founder and impact partner Prime Coalition).
hands planting mangrove seeds


We invest in ventures at the earliest stages, and in overlooked climate verticals, to ensure we are playing a catalytic role.


Commercial potential

We believe large-scale emissions reductions can only be achieved by leveraging billion-dollar markets, so the companies we support must have a pathway to breakaway commercial success.

Azolla Ventures operates as an independent entity proudly bound to Prime Coalition’s impact and additionality goals. Prime Coalition independently assesses the impact potential and additionality of individual investments under consideration by Azolla Ventures, which is gating to initial investment. Continued impact alignment is gating to all follow-on investments.

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